My Filipina Sex Experience with Anal in Cebu

I went sight-seeing in Cebu on this day instead of getting my Filipina sex on the go and visited the Basilica Minore del Santo Nino cross monument. Was pretty cool. What really caught my attention though were these two girls I saw lighting up candles. I was very interested in them. One was a petite one and the other a chubby one. Both very sexy. Maybe It’s time to have my Filipina sex after all, haha!


I followed them for a bit then eventually walked up and started talking. THe petite one is named Vincenikky while the other, Carlyn (whom I fuck the living hell out of only days later), her real sister. They told me what the monuments and whatnot were all about then I invited them out to my hotel for my Filipina sex photo shoots after some drinks.

Brazillian style ass on this Filipina girl that just begs for my Filipina sex

Carlyn had to get dropped off because she was busy but Vincenikky came with me. This innocent-looking girl was naughtier than I thought she would ever be. Man, I love her as! It’s perfect! Like a miniature version of a chiseled Brazilian ass. She seems to really like me a lot and I really like her ass a lot. So it’s a perfect match for my Filipina sex needs to be satisfied.

My Filipina Sex showing POV view of legs spread and fucked in tight teen cunt

She is great! Nice blowjob, a nice fuck and even got to stuff it in her cock-loving little asshole! Wow, My Filipina sex usually never results in getting anal (typically, Filipinas don’t do anal) so I am very happy about this. I eventually went back to her pussy and came inside of her because I could not resist feeling myself filling her deep regions with my own juice. She didn’t seem to mind either but made me promise to never tell her sister Carlyn about what happened. If she only knew I fucked her sister too… haha!

Cum blasted close up pussy of creampie ending to my Filipina sex


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