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I met Laiza on a Filipina cam site and I was trying very hard to meet her. I felt it was very worth it. I was right because after all this time passed I had met her sisters, cousins, friends, everyone! I got to unleash my Filipina sex adoring cock onto all of them! Sometimes with Laiza, sometimes without. In time she becomes my Filipina sex girlfriend but on our first meeting it was all about getting to know her and seeing how far I could go with her.

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She showed up for our first date and we enjoyed drinks while chatting about life and sex. She’s so damn sexy, I can hardly keep calm. Eventually we went back to my hotel room where it was clear to me that she is very used to attention and modeled her body for me in ways that can only be described as my Filipina sex seduction of the year! She told me how she has a younger sister as well as an older (yet still young) Milf sister. I decided right then I wanted to meet them too but for now, it’s all about warming her up. I used all my skills to get my Filipina sex show on the road and man, it was an absolutely great fuck experience!!!!!!!

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She was not the most active lay around but getting to fuck a girl this more more than makes up for it. I felt like a kind and loved every minute of it. I came inside her pussy and that’s what tells me she has no boyfriend and that I could possibly make her my own. Which as I mentioned above, was successful! Wait until you meet her sisters.. they are even cuter than Laiza!

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Hey guys, you probably won’t believe the luck I just had but in all of My Filipina Sex excursions, I have to confess a true story. While having breakfast on a sunny morning back in April, I saw this girl come down to eat breakfast as well. She was all alone and I got to thinking. She must be here with someone who’s upstairs sleeping. I filmed her in secret but she eventually caught me. I saw her grab a piece of paper and write something on it. When she got up to leave, she passed by me and left me a note. I became a little confused but after she left, I read it. It said that she cannot talk right now because her husband might catch her. She also wrote a room number and told me to be there at midnight. Obviously she didn’t seem mad about the camera r she would have said something nasty, right?


This whole idea has me thinking she is so naughty and I cant wait to meet her at midnight. It was a long day in anticipation. I can tell you that it was horrible thinking about her all day. It felt like a week passed by. Then midnight finally came! I need to get my Filipina sex on with a furious vigor after fantasizing all day. I realized that room 506 was one floor above the last marked floor in the hotel and it was abandoned, dirty and scary dark! I thought maybe it was a trick, she was going to kill me for the money, get me arrested or worse, have her husband beat me up! I found the room, took a deep breath and walked in.

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WOW! There she was, naked and waiting for me to get my Filipina sex freak on with her! She has such a delicious tiny little body, the tiniest of tits every and an ass that just begs to be nibbled. It’s bite-sized fun! She shushed me quiet and started to give me a blowjob. Fuck, she was good! What a perfect bitch she is! It was at that point that it got me to thinking that with this kind of luck, I should stick around in Angeles City some more to see if I can get more action from her, which was a good idea because she came back for a morning fuck in my hotel room a few days later.

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